The Smirk Files – Nathan Caton

The Smirk Files – Nathan Caton
February 12, 2021 Sam Carrington
In Business

The Smirk Files are a chance for us to have a chat with some of our comedian friends away from the pressure of gigs. It’s been fun getting to know them better, but there’s also the chance to unearth a few gems of wisdom for all public speakers to learn from.

We think it’s all worth a listen, but if you want to know what’s where so you can skip around the film then here’s the contents of our chat with Nathan.

  • 0 mins- When he found he was funny
  • 4 mins- The steps to pro comedy
  • 10 mins- The creative process
  • 15 mins- Delivery tips
  • 17 mins- Memory techniques
  • 25 mins- Dealing with nerves
  • 33 mins- Heckles
  • 40 mins- Dying on stage
  • 45 mins- Resilience
  • 50 mins- Zoom shows
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