About Smirk

Smirk Experience was founded by Sam Carrington in 2017 to offer the corporate world skills training he has distilled from the realms of stand-up comedy and big brand media sales.

Previous to Smirk, Sam spent 10 years at ITV, the last four of which he worked as one of the company’s youngest Sales Controllers, responsible for monetising ITV Breakfast’s digital offering.

In 2012 Sam tried stand-up comedy, and loved it. In the proceeding five years he’s played close to 1,000 gigs, including a dozen or so festivals around the country and three full runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He now promotes and MCs Smirk Experience nights for the public and corporations as well as participating in festivals and gigs as an independent comic.

While combining his role at ITV and learning the ropes of stand-up comedy, Sam began observing the links between the corporate world and live performance, identifying areas such as public speaking, personal branding and creativity as possessing the most obvious crossover.

This was the genesis of a concept that has now been successfully employed by Google, Investec, companies within Lloyds of London, leading UK media firms and more.

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