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as well as putting on gigs for the public and corporations we also run workshops on the transferable skills between business communication and stand-up comedy. the sessions are fun but also full of tangible business takeaways to make your team better communicators.

How Sessions Look

in person


Are you Smirk Experienced?

Smirk Experience uses professional comedians to train professional public speakers. Not to make them comics, instead we focus on the transferable skills between the two disciplines.

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Article by Intelligent Insurer

In an increasingly digitised age, the art of the presentation is becoming lost. To rekindle this lost skill, some insurers are turning to a stand-up comedian to help them wow an audience.

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Something More Immersive

If your group are feeling really brave we can arrange to combine the training with a standup comedy show for the delegates to participate in alongside pro comics (which is ideal for evening entertainment at a conference / away day.) Here’s an example of one we’ve done, which none of the participants will forget in a hurry.

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