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Smirk TV

At Smirk Experience we’ve run gigs for both the public and private functions for years now, which means we know lots of very funny comics.

Smirk TV turns comedians’ sets into short films that can be used for advertising campaigns or branded content. As the comics know the material so well, we don’t hang around making them- each of the below films were shot in less than half a day.

The below films cover a range of topics and are designed to appeal to a range of demographs, but all have one thing in common- they’re very funny.

We hope you enjoy them.

The Smirk Team.

The Shopping Assistant

Are you a man who knows nothing about shopping? Worse still, are you a woman who shops with one?
If so Matt Green’s film is for you.

Love: The Truth

Award winning character comic Alice Marshall’s Greta Medina gives us her take on all matters of the heart. This episode explores the date (some adult themes and language in this one.)

Walking With Wilson

Join Wilson Milton on a stroll through London as he gets a few things of his chest…
d’ya know what he means?

James D Sticks His Nose Into Wine

Growing up in a pub had its advantages for James Dowdeswell. He’s forgotten more about wine than most of you will ever know, so let him pass on some knowledge here.

The Comedy Spit

Introducing the debut performance of Ms Evalyn Hands. (Remember the name.)

Smirk Experience – live shows

Introducing the LIVE Smirk Experience @ Shortlands Tavern, London. If you haven’t been to a gig then you are missing out…

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If any of the above videos float your boat, then drop us a line below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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